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Juice in The Morning Podcast

This is the Podcast Page for Juice in the Morning!

I do this show as a hobby but maybe one day it will be more than that!

May 21, 2018

The guys sit down to chat about Top Golf, Yanny VS Laurel, Tim Hortons Poop attack, conspiracies, Weiner dogs mauling a woman to death, school shooting, and much more. 

May 14, 2018

This was a long one ladies and gentleman. That's what she said.  AP and Juice sit down for the first half of the podcast to talk CBD Oil, ADHD, current events, artificial intelligence, and a dude practicing karate on swans. Juice is then joined by his co-host/friend Shane and the guys dive deep into Netflix Shows, local...

May 7, 2018

Juice, Shane, Kevo, and Ryan Kelly sit down to chat about everything from Infinity War Spoilers, Trivia, Judgement, Netflix/Movie/TV Show recommendations, and many other randomness!

Apr 30, 2018

Juice sits down with stand up comedian and host of the Backstage Laugh Podcast Kyle Buck and Nick Oaks to talk Conspiracies, Simulation Theory, Primal Tribalism, and Kanye West. 

Apr 23, 2018

Juice and Shane sit down with Andrew Gehrt from the Monday American and Chris Spangle from the We are Libertarians show.  The guys dive into the history of libertarianism, war, the French, social media, and what country you'd choose if Risk was real life. The answer is "Merica".